About the Host

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About The Host

Get to know the owner/host of The Pine Cone House!


Hello everyone! I’m Jessica. If you stay at The Pine Cone House, I’ll be hosting you. 


I have always wanted to get into the hospitality business, so having The Pine Cone House is a dream come true. It is such a special place for me and my family, I am happy to share it with others. I have tried my best to make every detail of the house both functional and beautiful. 


I'm the type of person who needs to be creative. I was a crafty little girl growing up. In college, I was the person who would rather stay home to watch HGTV instead of going out. Full disclosure, I did my fair share of both :) I learned to sew in college when I took an apparel construction course for fun. Once my husband and I purchased our home that needed a little TLC, we learned how to use power tools via Youtube University. Once we completed our first project, building an entire deck, I was hooked! I ventured out on my own and built tables, chairs, outdoor furniture, and feature walls in my home. I’m proud to be a woman who can use a saw. In fact, one of the cutest moments I remember is when my son came to me and said, “Hey Mom, can you cut this for me with your saw?” He didn’t ask Daddy, he asked me. Dabbling in vacation rental real estate allows me to explore even more of my creative side in home decor, renovations, and hospitality.


My husband and I have 3 children, so I am a wife and a mother. Our family spends a lot of time exploring new places. We love to camp, which is what led us to The Pine Cone House. Especially with young kids, the Sonora, Columbia, Twain Harte, and Pinecrest areas have everything we need. In 2023, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary at The Sugar Pine Ridge (pictured above).


For work, I am a teacher. I’ve taught both middle school and high school social studies classes, and I’m currently teaching at a continuation high school, which I love. I teach Government and Economics, and I am lucky to be in a setting where I can tailor the class to be as practical for my students as possible. We register to vote, watch the news, and do a lot regarding financial literacy. I also have a sewing club and DIY club where I teach more practical life skills. I really love being a teacher, especially when I can share my own passions. I have discussed my journey starting The Pine Cone House with my students, with the intention of being a role model, hopefully inspiring more of them to start their own businesses one day. I am so lucky to have them cheering me on! 


If you decide to stay at The Pine Cone House, you’ll be staying in my labor of love. From the outdoor furniture, to the kids activity pages, the house is designed for everyone to enjoy.  I'm always trying to improve the space and be a good host. You’ll be getting occasional messages from me. I'll send you a few suggestions for travel and packing, one message just to check in, and then a quick checkout reminder. It's your vacation, so you can communicate back, or not. Just know I'm here if you need me! 


Fun Fact: In 2024 I'm getting chickens! I'm excited to build the coop and add featherd members to my family.


Your host,